Friday, 3 February 2017

Wonderful Quotes

I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful quotes form students, staff and visitors about our catering at the Special Needs Information Day:

Quotes from our students who took part:

Jon and Oliver said "It was brilliant"
Danny said "I have never worked so hard"
Laura said "This has been my best morning this week"
Tyrrel wanted to stay and did!!!!!
Nathan "I felt so proud, that I was part of it!"
Rodney "I had a great day"

Stall holders comments!

"Oh my gosh, diets all around!! if we have not had enough already, now they are baking scones!!"
"I have resisted all day, but the scones I cannot resist"
"Your students are so relaxed and seem to be enjoying themselves"
"What a great team you all are"
"We did not expect this!"
Melissa Hutchinson, came and praised us for doing an incredibly amazing job!

Customer comments

"Where is The Castle School"
"What these are The Castle School students"
"Incredible food"
"Great service"
"Oh my gosh" do you do takeaway!