Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Guide Dog Visit

Donnington and Tintagel classes have been learning their functional skills through the subject of Guide Dogs and today we were visited by Jenny, Sue, Kim, Patterson and Harley.

Jenny is a Guide Dog Walker, which means that she trains guide dog puppies. She brought her current puppy Patterson in to school and talked about the training that Patterson is having to do.

Kim is blind and she has a guide dog called Harley. Kim and Harley also came into school, along with a Guide Dog trainer Sue. It was incredible to hear how Harley has changed Kim's life for the better.

It was fascinating to see the difference between Patterson and Harley! Harley sat patiently throughout the session whereas Patterson sometimes wanted to play. We are sure that by the end of his training, Patterson will be as calm as Harley.

We really enjoyed hearing what all three ladies had to say and we loved seeing the dogs!

We are very grateful that they gave up their time to come and talk to us.