Friday, 3 February 2017

Catering Success!

On Wednesday this week, a talented group of students and staff from The Castle School provided catering to the West Berkshire Special Needs and Disability Information Day. This event, organised by Parent Voice was very well attended. In fact, here are some facts from the day:

Our team served about 200 people food!
and over 300 drinks!

Jan Vaughn, who organised the wonderful Castle Caterers said " I cannot put into words, the amount of praise from people at the event and the very humbling feeling as result of yesterday. Stall holders and members of the public, including Jane Seymour could not believe the professionalism, level of service and the conduct of all our students, some of whom were there for 10 hours!!."

Jo Maxwell-Heron, Family Services Co-ordinator for Rose Road said "What a day!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your amazing team for all what you did for us yesterday!  It was just fab. You must be a very proud lady today of the young people that you brought with you and the lovely team that came along to help.
Just amazing and the food was incredible.  THANK YOU."

For the event, Jan organised a morning team and afternoon team. The morning team cooked bacon butties for 50 people, and proceeded to prepare our cakes. They made the butter cream icing and decorated all the cakes for sale on-site.The afternoon team gave a real boost and cleared us through a very busy period and then made fresh scones whilst every one watched on!

A huge thank you to the students: Laura, Danny, John, Chris, Bradley, Tyrell, Rodney, Oliver and Nathan for all their hard work. And a massive thank you to the staff who helped out to enable the students to deliver the wonderful catering: Liz Magurn, Briony Vaughn, Lynne Starr, Gill Foster and Sharon Giles.

And, of course, none of this would have been possible without the passion, enthusiasm ands skill of Jan Vaughn. Thank you Jan.