Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dover, Colchester and Pendragon Camp

Dover, Colchester and Pendragon Class Camp.

On 9th May three classes set out for camp at Fairthorne Manor, a YMCA adventure activities centre.  Lots of activities had been planned and lots of luggage had been packed. Some pupils had been there before, for some it was the first time away from home.  Everyone was excited. 

Activities included:
·         Water activities – Kayaking; a Boat Ride, when everyone had the opportunity to steer the boat; and the water slide. 

·         Being hoisted high – for the Zip Wire; the Crate Challenge; and Abseiling.

·         Mucky activities like Camouflage and Tracking; the Obstacle Course; and the Blind Trail which entailed being blind folded and led through mucky tunnels and over obstacles. 

·         Learning activities – Fire Lighting; Pioneering; Orienteering; and Initiative Tests which needed pupils to work together

·         Skills – Archery.

The weather was somewhat kinder to us than those we had left behind in school.  We only got wet from the rain once, as most of the rain fell at night. 
All the classes were mixed up in groups which most pupils liked.  It was great to see new friendships being made and the more able pupils helping and supporting younger or less able pupils.  Dover class boys, who are camp veterans, were really helpful to both staff and pupils.
The Courage and Determination boards soon filled up with nominations, as did the Compliments board.  Every day the list of pupils who were proud of themselves got longer and longer and the pupils seemed to grow in confidence with each activity. 
For the pupils who had never slept in a tent before, the weather was very kind.  It was not nearly as cold as last year.
Here are some pictures of what they got up to: