Thursday, 5 May 2016

Castle at The Royal Albert Hall

On Sunday 19 pupils and 11 staff as well as many parents travelled to London. In the evening we performed alongside 1500 other pupils from Berkshire. The concert was an amazing experience and our pupils did us proud. We were the only special school represented at the event. The concert saw us performing pieces such as Zadok the Priest, March of the Toreadors and The Hallujah Chorus - all very complicated indeed. After months of hard work and practice, led by our enthusiastic music teacher Ali Watkinson we sung our hearts out at The Royal Albert Hall. As always, our pupils were exceptionally well behaved and managed all day despite it being a very early start and late finish. Below is a picture of the proud troupe standing in front the iconic building.

Below is a picture of the stage on the night we performed.

If you want to watch the first piece performed on the night click here to go to the YouTube video - it really is quite impressive.

A huge thank you to:

Dominie Burton  - Soprano.  Stayed after school with students so they could attend rehearsals. Re-making folders on Saturday, A constant in Ali's world!

Liz - Really helped support with run up to event with visuals and also remaking folders of music.

Fran - Amazing way with the tenors.  Always calm!. Helped in the remaking of the music folders.

Sue Langley - For clearing up behind us (multiple times!) - preparing resources out of hours - Tenor support for area rehearsal and performance.

Chris Mason - For supporting tenors on Mondays.

Lauren Bailey (Post 16) - Attending every Monday, sorting paperwork P16 end.  Always smiling and supportive!

Tracy Smyth - Alto support - Great with the pupils.

Kathryn Green (P16) - helped really well with the altos until she broke her wrist (not done during rehearsals I hasten to add!) - get well soon Katherine.

Ola White - Attending rehearsals - all in her own time.  Great emotional and practical support. A Gem working with altos.

Lisa Boorman - Area rehearsal  - Supported one particular pupil, including transport

Shannon Booth - For helping Ali get the staffing and students in the right place on Monday mornings.

Janette James - Coming to London to support on the day. Great way with the students. Wonderful off-stage support.

Pearl James - Supporting at The Loddon Valley rehearsal and in London on the day. Wonderful off-stage support.  Wonderful humour and companion.  Fantastic way with students.

Libby Summers-Johnston - Helped with Loddon Valley rehearsal.

Pete Butler - For helping Ali with minibuses and getting the folders sorted on Saturday afternoon.  Great with a hole punch!

Atul and Alex - For doing the money and logistics stuff (Coach ordering, Ticket purchasing)
And of course - a huge, huge thank you to Ali Watkinson, without whom this just simply would not have happened. It is her energy, enthusiasm and belief that ensured all of us were up there on the night singing.