Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Wonderful Spanish Week

Every class throughout the school got a taste of Spanish culture during our Spanish week last week.  Monday began with a quick geography exercise to make sure we all knew where Spain was located, followed by learning the days of the week and a Spanish lesson to set us up for our debate later in the week.  The afternoon saw the making of not one but two giant paellas at both the main and Post-16 sites.  Pupils were invited to participate in the cooking and tasting experience.  Tuesday meant learning the colours of the Spanish Flag and the numbers up to 20 and there was an Art exercise to make a Spanish Fan or collage a bull if classes were feeling creative.  Wednesday we learnt to describe ourselves and the afternoon saw two major events.  In the secondary hall a feisty debate was directed by Rhona and James where the pupils eventually decided that Bullfighting should be banned, but this wasn't without some strong arguments made for the long held tradition.  In the secondary hall special guest Pedro read a story about Ferdinand the White Bull whilst Diane directed a fantastic sensory experience for everyone to enjoy.  On Thursday we learnt to describe our family in Spanish and were introduced to Flamenco dancing on both sites with the Tomas Jimenez Flamenco Duo arranged by Ali. Friday saw many classes cooking and enjoying Spanish Tortilla. It was wonderful to hold so many events in one week and to find elements of Spain for each and every pupil to participate in and enjoy.