Monday, 30 November 2015

Modeshift Travel Training Award

We are very pleased to tell you that we have been awarded our Modeshift Bronze Award for the second year running. The award was presented by Becky Jane from West Berkshire Council. Becky said:
"On Monday 23rd November, I was very happy to present The Castle school with their bronze Modeshift STARS award for the second year running, in an assembly that morning. The Castle have been presented with this award for their dedication to promote sustainable travel, and change the ways in which their pupils travel to and from school for the better. Two great ways in which they have done this is through independent travel training – where the pupils learn and develop the skills and confidence to travel independently to schools or colleges with 1:1 personalised training. The other way is through Bikeability, where the children are successfully taught the skills to ride their bikes safely on the roads, meaning the pupils will have the confidence to use this as a mode of transport. Congratulations to The Castle school for their efforts, and hopefully this will have a lasting impact on the pupils."