Friday, 14 July 2017

Balmoral, Skipton and Corfe Church Visit

Balmoral, Corfe and Skipton Classes took a trip to St Thomas' Church in Woolton Hill. They met with Rev Christine and she began by introducing herself. We then asked her lots of interesting questions, including: 'How old is the church?' (168 years old), 'How many vicars had been at the church?' (13) and 'What was the oldest grave?' (probably about 165 years old). We then went on an 'eye-spy' hunt around the church, looking for different things; lectern, pulpit and font, were just a few . Jo then took us outside to look at the new roof, grave-yard and special double doors that are only used on special occasions, such as a wedding. We finished by having our snack, before coming back to school. Once back at school, Molly and Jess were very impressed with how much we could remember.