Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tintagel's fantastic week!

Tintagel class had a simply amazing time last week doing lots of exciting and enriching activities. Here are the highlights:

On Tuesday we visited Mudeford. We spent a long time catching crabs and ended up with 5 buckets full of them.  Some people were also very brave (and careful) and held the crabs. We also took a trip on the ferry and enjoyed time exploring the sandy beach.

On Wednesday we went to Laser Quest. The class got very competitive (including the staff)! We also went to Thatcham Discovery Centre. We had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks and located another Geocache whilst on a walk around the lake.

On Thursday we visited Thorpe Park. It was a great day and lots of students overcame their fears of highs, speed and water by riding some of the more challenging rides.

On the final day we visited the driving range and went bowling. Both these activities required coordination and concentration. Lots of the students had to persevere and got better at both activities. Joe also proved to be an excellent teacher by helping Liz to improve her bowling technique.