Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Kennet Games

The Castle School Post-16 team of Alisha, Amber, Esme, John, Tyrell, Chris and Justin all did really well on Saturday at the Kennet Games. Chris, Bradley and Tyrell were one of our Boccia teams and they were the overall winners!

All of the Post-16 team played in the Unihoc team where we came second and we won the zone basketball - with a little help from Matt! Chris won the shot with a ridiculously long throw. However, special mention should be made of Sophie Sandars who came away with a cup for the best standing athlete. Well done Sophie for your great sportsmanship. Chris also showed great sportsmanship when set against a younger pupil in the obstacle race. He wanted to give the pupil a chance so did not go all out to win.

Thanks to James  Whybra for coming to support. Thanks to Gill Foster and Sharon Giles who was with us all day. Thanks to Liz Magurn for sorting all the paperwork! A special thank you to Matt Greenwood for organising this event so well.

As always, all our students demonstrated excellent behaviour.