Monday, 4 July 2016

Duke of Edinburgh expedition

12 Students set off to do their Duke of Edinburgh expedition recently.   Their mode of travel was Canadian Canoe which they mastered; negotiating bends, banks, trees and vessels throughout the two days on the Oxford Thames.  Their project was to visit two museums and compare. So, on the first day we paddled down the Thames to Oxford's History of Science museum, where we met both dinosaur, bear and bee. The next day we visited the Modern Art Museum to encounter a church full of bath tubs and an interesting wall showing possible picture progression.  At night students were responsible for putting up their own tents and cooking for themselves;  after which they enjoyed marshmallows around the campfire.    For some this was their practice expedition, but for four students, Amber, Abbie, Thomas and Jane Marie it was the final expedition and meant the successful completion of their DOE Bronze Award.   In the words of the assessor 'I saw fantastic team work, and was impressed with the cooking and the way they have helped each other'.