Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Thank you Newbury Rotary Club

On Wednesday 8th June, pupils from Corfe, Cardiff, Conway, Chillingham and Balmoral were very lucky to go on their annual trip to Paultons Park. The trip is fully funded by the Newbury Rotary Club. Whilst there they also provide a lovely lunch for all the staff and pupils. This year we were joined by 9 wonderful volunteers, who helped the classes have lots of fun on the rides. Many pupils showed lots of courage this year, trying new rides and giving a few of the larger rides a go. As always our pupils represented the school with wonderful manners and great waiting in the lines. A fantastic day!!!

A huge thank you to the Rotary Club... see you next year!

 Kevin Mosely, a member of Newbury Rotary Club is raising money for two good causes. Click here to have a look at his donation page.